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- Gaither's Bead Vice™ is a patented product that was designed for the new heavy-duty wheels that appeared in Europe several years ago.

- The trend in Europe, and more recently worldwide, is on the development of disc brakes on - all large commercial vehicles.

- These disc brakes require a special wheel assembly that allows for greater cooling.

- To protect the valve, a "hump" was built just inside the wheel that makes it impossible to break the loose bead of the wheel, and thus disassemble the tire without the help of the Bead Vice ™.

- The patented Bead Vice™, safely allows the bead to come off on all new wheels with hump.

- Bead Vice™ includes: a Bead Vice TM and 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of Super Slick'em ™ with bottle applicator.

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