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Installation in Colombes of the factory of the French Company Goodrich, from which the first tire will come out on December 8, 1911.

At the end of the Second World War, the company's headquarters moved to Paris, avenue Kléber. The name was changed to Kleber-Colombes. This change of name was also accompanied by a change of logo.

In 1948, Launch of the first agricultural tire: KLEBER is a real success. That year, KLEBER's range of agricultural tires includes 18 sizes

On June 3, 1950, Maurice Herzog, a KLEBER employee, leads the French expedition to the Himalayas. Together with his companion Lachenal, he conquered the Annapurna and carried the colors of France, the pennant of the Club Alpin and that of Kleber-Colombes.

In 1951, KLEBER revolutionized the world of agricultural tires by releasing the first tire with a built-in inner tube. The company was far ahead of other manufacturers in this technology.

In 1970, Launch of the first radial agricultural tire by KLEBER "The SUPER TRACSOL". With this tire, KLEBER becomes the European leader in the agricultural sector.

In 1971, The boxer dog Urvic becomes the mascot of the KLEBER brand.

In 1981, KLEBER is taken over by the group MICHELIN.

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