On October 8, 1971, the Continental Rubber and Gutta-Percha Company was founded in Hanover. The main plant on Vahrenwalder Strasse produces soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics and solid tires for carriages and bicycles.

In 1907, a production plant was established in Korbach, a branch of the German headquarters.

In 1939, a tire factory was opened in Hanover (Germany).

In 1979, Continental acquired the European tire business of the American company Uniroyal Inc.

In 1985, Continental gained a foothold in Europe by acquiring the Austrian brand Semperit.

In 1987, Continental strengthened its position in America with the acquisition of General Tire.

In 1992/1993, Continental acquired a majority stake in the Czech tire manufacturer Barum.

In 2007, Continental acquired a majority stake in the Slovakian company Continental Matador s.r.o.

In 2013, the ContiLifeCycle plant in Hanover (Germany) is considered the first fully autonomous plant for hot retreading and rubber recycling.

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